AAGA Rules & Regulations

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AAGA Mission Statement:

Our goal is to encourage Amateur golfers to continue to focus on the challenges of the game while providing an atmosphere of playing like a pro through golf tournaments that offer a monetary reward. So come Play for Pay.

Membership Fees:

One-year Membership to American Amateur Golf Association:     Individual:   $199.00. Membership fees and renewals fees may increase at anytime.                                                                                                                      

Your AAGA Membership Package includes:

  • - Players Tour Card
  • - Bag Tag
  • - Opportunity to participate in AAGA Golf Tournaments, (Separate fees apply)

Membership packs will be distributed directly to the golfers upon registration via AAGA website. You should receive your Membership Pack in 2-3 weeks possibly sooner.

Note: All AAGA annual memberships start the date you signed up and paid for your membership. Memberships last for a total of one calendar year, and must be renewed on or before your membership ends which will be only $199. No refunds will be issued once you’ve signed up and paid. No sponging of handicaps will be allowed, AAGA committee has the right to deny membership to any amateur golfer that the committee sees fit to so if committee feels that any amateur golfer has sponged or lied about their handicap.  

Amateur Status:

Rule 1: According to AAGA, an Amateur golfer is someone 18 or older who has not played in any monetary pro tournament of any kind. No exceptions to this rule.

Rule 2: All amateur golfers must have a current USGA/GHIN registered Handicap Index and their AAGA card to be able to participate in AAGA tournaments, (If you don’t have your card, you may establish a handicap with AAGA). A golfer may be asked at any time during a tournament to show their card, if failing that request that golfer will be disqualified from that tournament with no refunds. (Exception: if you signed up as a member but have not received your AAGA member Players card in the mail yet.)

Rule 3: Expired handicap index will not be accepted in any AAGA Tournament.

Rule 4: All current USGA/GHIN handicap amateur golfers must have an established index, this tour is open to all amateurs over the age of 18. Note: We will not be using your handicaps for scoring, but you still must have a current established handicap to play in the tournaments, this is only to show proof that you have a legitimate handicap index, (Subject for revision by AAGA at any time). Any sponging of your handicap, meaning for example: if you are an actual 2 handicap and you lie about your true handicap to get into this Association to play for money then it is up to the AAGA committee to judge every player whether a player is being truthful about their handicap and all decisions are final and players who sponge and lie about their handicap will have their membership revoked for up to one year with no refund. No special considerations for handicapping at all.

Note: Amateur Status = As long as a players stays on AAGA golf tour you will be able to keep your amateur status, but if you have won over $750.00 in any AAGA tournament and you decide to leave this tour, then be aware that you will forfeit your amateur status and must then play in pro tournaments. Here at AAGA we do encourage all golfers that do improve their golf skills and would like to play as a golf pro then we support all golfers to advance to the pro level. But once you leave this tour to play as a pro then you will not be allowed to return to this amateur golf tour. Any golfer who does win money and would like to forfeit their winnings to keep their amateur status intact can either donate to their favorite charity or their monies will be added to the next tournaments purse. 

Breaking of Rules:

Rule 1: Any Amateur golfer who feels the need to break or cheat any of AAGA rules or regulations or bylaws will forfeit their Amateur Status for up to one (1) year suspension and a one (1) year suspension in any AAGA tournaments. All monies will not be refunded.


Rule 1: All Amateur golfers will act at all times in a professional manner that personifies the utter most professionalism to all other golfers, workers, volunteers or any other person in and around this game of golf. No excessive display of vulgar language, throwing of clubs, illegal drugs, anger, will result is a disqualification with no refund. Remember you represent this Association and we expect for all to act and look professional at all times, no excuses.

Dress Code:

Rule 1: Dress Code; Male golfers must wear collared golf shirts, golf shoes and spikes according to each golf course requirements, or spike less golf shoes, (golf sandals not allowed). Golf shorts will be allowed during the qualifying rounds only, no golf shorts will be allowed during the final day money rounds. Belts must be worn at all times and golf shirts must be tucked in. No jeans, denims, sweat pants or jogging outfits allowed; this goes for both men and women. Golfers not adhering to the dress code will not be allowed to participate until they meet these dress code requirements or if during a round if a player is asked to tuck in their golf shirt and refuses then AAGA has the right to Disqualify any player that does not adhere to this request.    

Rule 2: Women golf attire will be golf shoes and spikes according to each golf course requirements, or spike less golf shoes, (no golf sandals); golf shirts, skirts and pants allowed along with golf shirts sleeves or sleeveless. All appropriate golf rain gear is allowed.

Pace of Play

Rule 1: Pace of Play will be monitored by AAGA at each golf tournament. If any individual golfer or group is slowing the pace of play then that group or individual will receive a 1st warning to speed the pace of play. If a 2nd warning has to be issued all golfers will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty.

Rule 2: Out of bounds and lost balls will be considered a lateral drop with a one stroke penalty. Therefore you will drop your ball laterally or on an angle back towards the tee box two club lengths from the edge of the rough onto the fairway roughly where your ball went into the out of bounds or lost no closer to the hole with a 1 stroke penalty. This saves time instead of going back to the tee to re-hit. (On Course Rules: A “Notice to Contestants” sheet will be handed out to players before each tournament with any changes to this rule or any other rule changes”.

Rule 3: All groups and players must finish 18 holes within 4 hours 45 minutes; failure to finish under normal playing conditions in the allotted time set forth by the AAGA committee will result in a 2-stroke penalty, which will be assessed to the score on the final hole of play. Exceptions; public play that went out ahead of the tournament, poor weather!

Rule 4: If any player has been penalized three (3) times during the season for any reason, that player will be suspended from tournament play for six (6) months with no refunds.

Budding System:

Rule 1: Any amateur golfer that has friends or buddies that have joined AAGA and has entered a golf tournament and would like to play a long side their friend or buddy will not be allowed to do so what so ever unless it’s pertaining to a play off for 1st place during a tournament.


Rule 1: No alcohol of any kind will be allowed at any of the AAGA golf tournaments what so ever. Breaking of this rule will disqualify any amateur golfer who feels the need to drink while playing in a golf tournament, or show up with having been drinking alcohol and will be banned for life from AAGA with no refunds given. No drugs of any kind unless for prescription use only. AAGA has the right to judge whether or not a player will be disqualified for alcohol or drug usage.

Rule 2: Any AAGA member weather playing in an AAGA golf tournament or who is volunteering at a golf tournament and arrives having been drinking alcohol or seems inebriated, or on drugs, AAGA has the right to remove or disqualify that member without refunds and will be awarded with a lifetime band from AAGA.

Tour Format:

All of the tournaments will be stroke play, there will be no individual flights due to the monetary value in place for 1st up to 54 places, no ties will advance due to the scorecard playoff format which is how AAGA will determine the top 1st up to 54 players who advance to the final money round. AAGA golf tournaments will be monitored by AAGA Officials and will be present to help players, provide assistance in handling scoring, and pace of play, registration/check-in, and enforce rulings. All golfers will be governed by all other current Rules of Golf dictated by the United States Golf Association, and modified by the AAGA through Notices to the golfers by AAGA Tour Sheets prepared by the AAGA Committee. Tournament purses and the amount of tournament days will be determined by the amount of players signed up for each tournament. Purses will range anywhere from $10,000 up to $50,000. The amount of paid places will range from 1st up to 54th places and could increase or change and any time. 

Tournaments will be first come first serve sign ups on our website totaling up to 144 players consisting of one, two or three day events, usually on days Friday, Saturday and Sundays unless otherwise noted by AAGA at golf courses throughout the United States. The first two rounds of the tournaments will be the qualifying rounds and the third and final day for the top 30 players to vie for 1st place. All monies 2nd up to 54th place will be paid out two weeks from the end of each tournament. Only first (1st) place will receive a check upon the finish of the final round along with the first place trophy, unless there is unforeseen weather first place will be awarded to the golfer with the best overall scoring holes. In case there is a tie for first place then we revert to a sudden death playoff where the players will go back to replay the 18th hole. If for any reason there is still a tie we will continue this sudden death playoff holes reverting back to the 17th hole and then the 18th hole until one player wins a hole. If there is still a tie after three sudden death playoff tries then AAGA will make the decision to revert to the scorecard playoff to determine the 1st place winner. Normally then scorecard playoffs will be conducted for 2nd place up to 54th places. Where upon any ties will revert to the same scorecard playoff process and each previous hole for the best scores until 2nd up to 54th places have been determined by The AAGA Committee.

If there are more than two players tied for 1st place we will conduct a scorecard playoff to determine the top two players who then will play in a sudden death playoff starting on the 18th hole.

Note: Since this is a purse amateur tour, any side bets, gambling or skins will not be allowed and will result in an immediate disqualification of any tournament with no refunds.

DNF – Did not Finish:

If for any reason a player cannot finish a tournament or any of the rounds of golf in a tournament, AAGA will not issue any refunds and DNF will be stated on the player’s scorecard and no score will be noted.

Tournament Tee Times:

For individual tee times during tournaments all players are responsible for knowing there daily tee times and must be on the tee box and ready to tee off three (3) minutes prior to teeing off. Failure to do so will result is a disqualification of player or players no refunds allowed. The same goes for shotgun tournaments, if you are not at your golf cart ready to go to your assigned starting hole you will be disqualified with no refunds allowed.

AAGA committee will do their best in posting each day tee times and pairings but it’s still the sole responsibility of each player to know their tee times.

No Shows:

If you sign up for a golf tournament and are a no show and have not notified the committee prior to your tee time and your tee time has passed you will not be issued a refund. To receive a full refund, golfers must cancel four weeks or more prior to any tournament start date. Refunds could take up to two weeks! Notification of a cancellation less than for weeks, AAGA will not refund any monies.

Tournament Cancellations:

AAGA reserves the right to cancel any golf tournament that it deems fit to do so and will give players a full refund of the golf entry fees only. It will take up to three weeks for refunds to be processed.  

On Course Rules:

American Amateur Golf Association will be the Tournament Committee and will provide any “Notice to Contestants” rules sheet containing any rule changes for any and all tournaments.


Caddies are allowed providing the courses we play on allow caddies to walk the course and the caddies do not interfere with the pace of play. Caddies are the responsibility of the associated players(s) and are requested to practice proper golf etiquette at all times. Any issues with behavior or a spectator(s), or caddie(s), the individual(s) will be asked to leave the premises. The related player will incur a 2 stroke penalty for any breach of conduct, including unsportsmanlike actions. Caddies are not permitted in a player golf cart unless it’s to the starting hole from green to tee. Any caddie found riding in a golf cart during play of a stipulated hole will result in the immediate disqualification of the player(s) who are associated with the violating caddie(s).


The same ruling for Caddies goes the same for the spectators that are related to the player(s) poor conduct and riding in carts as stated above will result in the immediate disqualification of the player(s) who are associated with the violating spectator(s).

If you are a spectator then you take the risk of being hit by an errant golf ball. These are amateur golfers not Pro’s and AAGA will not assume responsibility for injuries that may accrue due to errant golf shots. AAGA will not be responsible for the actions of any spectator but AAGA will act upon any unruly conduct that spectators showcase during a tournament which could lead up to having spectators removed from a tournament by security.  


A portion of each player’s entry fee is used to generate the prize pool for each tournament. The value of the prize pool at each tournament will be established prior to each tournament and is based on participation, sponsors, memberships; the prize pool may vary tournament to tournament based on participation, sponsors, and memberships. Prize monies will be awarded to 1st up to 54 places. Prize monies for 1st up to 54 places will be mailed out within two weeks of the final round date of each tournament in check form. Players are responsible of filing the proper tax forms for each state and any taxes owed. 1099’s will be available to players who have won money on our website.

Note: All prize monies, purse and payouts will be determined by the amount or number of players who sign up for each tournament. 


Trophies are awarded to 1st place only. But other prizes may be awarded to other places determined by AAGA only. Example: long drive contest etc... 

Accountability and Appeals:

If any player has issues with other players whether it’s pace of play or scoring, all issues and appeals must be brought to the attention of the AAGA committee for consideration only in the scoring area after the completion of the round prior to the return of a player’s scorecard.

Outside Influences:

By no means will the AAGA Tournament Committee be influenced by outside sources that have seen an infraction of any rules and notify the Committee to adjust a player’s score. Players must hold themselves and others accountable during any AAGA Tournament play. Example: if a fan phones in or comes up to an official and states that a player grounded his club in the bunker but failed to penalize themselves, the AAGA Committee will not issue a penalty. But if an AAGA Committee official witnesses a player infraction and that player failed to penalize themselves, then that official will issue a two (2) stoke penalty at that time.

Inclement Weather:

First and foremost is the safety of the players, fans, volunteers, workers. If inclement weather is present, every effort will be made to ensure the safety of everyone in and around an AAGA event. Such conditions could include the following:

  • Lighting
  • High Winds
  • The course being deemed unplayable (as determined by the host course)
  • Tornados

If play is delayed, all players should remain on property at the host facility and await official announcements from the tournament committee.

If the course remains unplayable and/or lighting is present, and as the last option, the following may result in an official tournament:

  • 54-hole (local) events may become official and shortened. If a minimum of 9 holes is not possible, local events may be rescheduled.
  • The same goes for an 18-hole event, 36-hole event and a 72-hole event.

While the tournament committee will do everything possible to complete the full number of holes, there will be no refunds should inclement weather shortens any event.


The rules/policies and regulations of AAGA are subject to revision.

All players, members, in AAGA tournaments are deemed to be familiar with these rules, policies and regulations, as well as the rules of golf and agree to abide by them. Failure to comply with the aforementioned policies, rules and regulations, bylaws could result in penalties, suspension or expulsion from the American Amateur Golf Association and Tournaments with no refunds allowed.

Note: Amateur Status = As long as a players stays on AAGA golf tour you will be able to keep your amateur status, but if you have won over $750.00 in any AAGA tournament and you decide to leave this tour, then be aware that you will forfeit your amateur status and must then play in pro tournaments only. Here at AAGA we do encourage all golfers that do improve their golf skills and would like to play as a golf pro then we support all golfers to advance to the pro level. But once you leave this tour to play as a pro then you will not be allowed to return to this amateur golf tour. 

Tournament Registration:

Players can register online through our website for any of our Tournaments. All tournaments are first-come, first-served basis for there are limitations on the number of entries so players are encouraged to register early as any event may sell-out well in advance of the entry deadline. Note! All players must be a current paid member in the American Amateur Golf Association to register for any AAGA golf tournament. All golfers are responsible for their own travel plans and expenses. Tournaments are limited to the first 144 maximum players allowed.

Tournament Payment Policy:

All tournaments are first come first serve:

So hurry and become a member and register for a tournament before the tournament deadline.

Any player can register for a tournament who is a current AAGA member with an official handicap between 6 -18. Payment for AAGA tournaments and events will be through our website only with either a Credit or Debit cards or PayPal. No payments will be accepted the day of the tournament, unless approved by AAGA officials. Full refunds will only be issued if cancelled four weeks or more prior to the tournament start date. No refunds will be issued if less than four weeks from tournament start date.  

Range Finders:

To speed up the pace of play Range Finders will be allowed without slope, grade, wind, options. Any golfer using slope, wind, grade options will automatically be disqualified with no refunds issued. Any golfers who break this rule twice in a year will lose their membership for one year no refunds issued. AAGA will not tolerate any cheating of any kind.

Conforming Equipment:

All golf equipment must conform to the USGA standard at all times. Any breach of these rules will result in a disqualification.


Players must check in no later than one hour before the start of the tournament to receive course rules and their tee time, and which hole they will be teeing off from when a shotgun start is implemented. A player will be disqualified if they arrive at their starting hole late, as stated under Tournament Tee Times; all players must be at their starting hole, 3 minutes prior to their start time.

Tees Boxes:

All players will tee off from the tees with mid-range yardages according to each course set up and color of tee markers. Yardage range will be between 6000 – 7000 yards. At each tournaments all players will be properly notified which tees will be used to tee off from.

Since this is a monetary rewarded golf tournaments, women will tee off at the same tee boxes as the men.

Score Keeping/Scorecards:

Players will exchange their scorecards with another player in the group. The scorecards will have a separate area at the bottom of each scorecard to allow each player to keep his/her own score, (tear-off strip). That tear off strip should be used to check the accuracy of one’s own official card. Each player and “marker” must sign his/her card as well.

Upon conclusion of each tournament round, each player should proceed to the designated scoring tent or area. At which time players will exchange cards, bring up any rulings to the tournament committee, thoroughly check the accuracy of the scorecards at the scoring area. Once signed, the players will turn in their scorecards and depart from the scoring area. Players have 10 minutes to make their way to the scoring area to finalize their score cards and turn them in.

Each player is responsible for his/her correctness of their scorecards even though a fellow competitor will be marking the scores on each hole. Players are responsible for the score on each hole and the total score. If a player signs an incorrect scorecard with a lower score on any hole than they actually shot, that player will be disqualified, per rule 6-6d.

Cell Phones & Electronic Devices:

Cell phones are prohibited during tournament play unless it’s for emergencies only. All cell phones must be on silent mode at all times, this goes for spectators and volunteers. No musical devices will be allowed at all.

American Amateur Cup Points:

American Amateur Golf Cup will be the final tournament of our season. This tournament is primarily for those 144 top players who have accumulated enough points throughout the golf season with AAGA will qualify to participate in this tournament plus any players that AAGA deemed appropriate to include.

How points will be accumulated from 1st place to 54th place, points will be awarded during the regular tournament season.

1st place = 360 pts 2nd place = 350 pts 3rd place = 340 pts 4th place = 330 pts 5th place = 320 pts 6th place = 310 pts
7st place = 300 pts 8nd place = 290 pts 9rd place = 280 pts 10th place = 270 pts 11th place = 260 pts 12th place = 250 pts
13st place = 240 pts 14nd place = 230 pts 15rd place = 220 pts 16th place = 210 pts 17th place = 200 pts 18th place = 190 pts
19st place = 180 pts 20nd place = 170 pts 21rd place = 160 pts 22th place = 150 pts 23th place = 140 pts 24th place = 130 pts
25st place = 120 pts 26nd place = 110 pts 27rd place = 100 pts 28th place = 90 pts 29th place = 80 pts

30th place = 70 pts

Up to 144 players who have accumulated the most points throughout the golf season will qualify for the American Amateur Golf Cup tournament.

Players from 31st place up to 72 place will all receive 50 points each. 

Note: This tournament will be available upon growth and advancement of this tour! Otherwise this tournament will be on hold until the appropriate time and funds are available!

Volunteer Program for AAGA Tournaments:

All who would like to volunteer for helping in an AAGA tournament must purchase the AAGA volunteer package.

Cost of package is $150.00 one golf hat and one golf shirt with the AAGA logo imprinted on both the hat and shirt.

Volunteers must at all times wear these items during the tournament.

Also include will be when necessary a parking pass if needed, and a tournament pass if needed plus four (2) tickets to that tournament that the volunteer is volunteering for.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own chairs and food and drink.

All cell phones are to be used in silent mode only.


Any celebrities or entertainers or athletes from other sports are eligible to play on AAGA tour if they have current membership in AAGA and will be allowed to win money providing you are not a pro golfer. 

AAGA will host a Celebrity Tournament if the Celebrities would like to play for their named charity. But all Celebrities must sign up for the annual memberships and pay all tee fees to participate for their Charities. All monies won or raised during the tournament will go towards their charities.  

Player Injuries:

All players play at your own risk, AAGA will not be responsible for any injuries that accrue due to errant golf shots, throwing of clubs or any other mishap done by players or spectators. 

Professional Conduct:  

As stated earlier in this handbook, all players will conduct themselves at all times in a professional matter. This includes no player is to relief themselves (Urinate) on any golf course that they are playing on. If any golfer decides to take it upon themselves to urinate on a golf course without using the proper restroom facilities, will automatically be disqualified from that tournament with no refunds issued. If a group fails to report a player within their group that has urinated on the course and AAGA committee finds out about such offender then that entire group will be disqualified with no refunds issued. All players must hold each other accountable for this and all other rules of this Association. We all are held to a higher standard of professional etiquette in this great game of golf and if any player can’t or won’t conduct themselves to these standards then you will not be welcome on this tour.

This also is extended to driving golf carts in a reckless matter, no player or caddie will drive a golf cart in a reckless matter, example: no speeding, bumping other carts, doing donuts, spin outs or any other type of misconduct driving a golf cart will result in an immediate disqualification in any tournament with no refunds allowed.

American Amateur Golf Association Committee has the right to change and enforce these rules at any time that will only help improve the operations of this Association and help improve the game of golf.  Other than that all players will follow USGA rules in any golf tournament. AAGA reserves the right to disqualify any golfer/player for any reason we feel the need to.