Terms & Conditions

I Am An Amateur

I am declaring to AAGA that I am an amateur golfer with an handicap no better than a 6 and no worse than an 18 handicap.

Refund Policy:

Membership refunds – Once you register as a member no refunds will be allowed!

Tournament refunds – Full refunds for tournaments will be allowed if cancelled four (4) weeks or more prior to the start date of the tournament. If a player cancels less than the (4) weeks prior to the tournament start date, no refunds will be allowed.

Disqualifications – A player who is disqualified from any tournament for any reason will not get a refund at all.

Breaking of Rules, Regulations, Bylaws – A player who breaks AAGA rules, regulations, bylaws and loses his/her membership status will not get a refund.

The total purse and payouts per golf tournament will be determined by the amount of golfers signed up for each tournament.